Washing the hair of Care recipient (cr) using a wheelchair can be done conveniently at home with the right supplies and preparation

Try: #buy a shampoo funnel at a beauty supply store or look for one online if you are uncertain about how to locate one ask the manager of a local beauty parlor for help #place the wheelchair next to the sink and lock the wheels #place the small table or folding tray table next to the sink #remove the cr’s shirt #wrap one towel around the cr’s shoulders from the back #wrap a second towel around the cr’s shoulders from the front #close the shampoo funnel’s velcro fasteners at the top of the cr’s head leaving the ears uncovered #place the bottom of funnel in the bowl on the small table #wash and rinse hair with the cr seated upright using the sink’s spray nozzle to wet and rinse hair the water will drain into the bowl #release pressure on the spray nozzle and empty the bowl as necessary during the process #remove the shampoo funnel #empty the water from the bowl #wrap a towel around the cr’s wet hair #check the floor for water and pick up any spills before continuing #replace the cr’s shirt #style the cr’s hair as usual being careful not to use any electrical appliance such as a blow dryer or curling iron near running standing or spilled water

Materials: Caregiver kitchen sink with pull-out spray device small table or folding tray table plastic bowl shampoo funnel shampoo 3 towels rags or pad to absorb any spills

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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