Sock aids called sock donners are useful for care recipients with limited reach or flexibility

Try: #the sock donner is an open tube-like tool with a long strap the strap is held in the hand of the user while the tube-like part holds the sock open for the user’s foot #place a sock around the sock-aid then put the sock aid on floor while keeping the aid’s strap in hand #place a foot into the sock-aid #pull up on the sock-aid strap working the sock onto the foot #repeat with other foot and sock #sometimes it is difficult to pull the sock aid up try sprinkling a small amount of baby powder in the sock aid to help the foot slide more easily #use the reacher to hold onto a shoe slide the foot into the shoe hold the shoe in place with the reacher until the foot is entirely enclosed #repeat with other foot and shoe

Materials: Sock-aid from medical supply store long-handled reacher from drug store or medical supplier socks and shoes

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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