Sock aids available at medical supply stores make it possible for care recipients crs with flexibility problems to put on socks

Try: #take the sock and place it on the sock aid starting on the side without the straps and with the bottom of the sock on the solid portion of the sock aid #pull the sock up all the way making sure the toe portion of the sock is straight across the sock aid and that there is no extra material hanging off; however do not pull the sock over the other side #drop the sock aid with the sock on the floor while holding the straps #slip one foot in the sock aid so the bottom of the foot is on the solid portion of the sock aid #while holding the straps pull them up the sock aid will slide up leaving the foot in the sock keep pulling until the foot is all the way in the sock and the sock aid comes out #sometimes it is difficult to pull the sock aid up try sprinkling a small amount of baby powder in the sock aid this may help the foot slide more easily

Materials: Sock aid baby powder optional

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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