How to make bath time more enjoyable for the Care recipient (cr) and therefore easier on the caregiver (cg)

Try: Simplify the bathing procedure by having everything ready before the cr comes into the bathroom have a drawer in the bathroom for clean underthings for the cr so that clothing doesn’t have to be brought from another room or the cr doesn’t have to walk to another room to start getting dressed instead of using a bath towel to dry off the cr just have a terry cloth robe ready to put on after bathing and that will be easier than trying to dry off with a towel and will also preserve the modesty of the cr if a bath instead of a shower is possible use plenty of bubbles in a pleasing scent use a watering can to rinse off the cr – it is more gentle than using a hand held shower attachment if water in the eyes while shampooing is a problem buy a foam sun visor and have the cr wear that while rinsing their hair make sure that the shower rod if there is one is a screw in type and not a tension rod just in case cr would happen to grab the shower curtain while getting out of the tub

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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