Care recipient (cr) with limited mobility needs help transferring from bed to chair

Try: #make sure the bed and mattress are sturdy and will stay in place during the transfer #communicate with the cr through each step of the transfer process letting the cr know in advance what you’re doing and what what’s expected of him or her and listening to his or her concerns #bring the chair to the head of the bed if the cr is moving into a wheelchair lock the wheels and move the footrests out of the way #the cr pivots and sits on the side of the bed with both feet touching the floor make sure non-skid footwear is worn #stand in front of the cr as he or she leans forward brace your knees against the cr cr’s knees and block the cr cr’s feet with your feet ask the cr to push down on the mattress with his or hands and stand on the count of three #support the cr in a standing position assist him or her to pivot and grasp the far arm of the chair or wheelchair continue to assist until the other armrest is grasped as well #lower the cr into the chair bending your hips and knees #position the cr securely with his feet on the footrests #the difficulty of the transfer will depend on the functional ability of the cr how cooperative he or she is able to be the weight of the cr and the condition of the caregiver explore other transfer methods if this method strains either the caregiver or the cr

Materials: Wheelchair or armchair footwear with non-skid sole

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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