Care recipient (cr) has excessively dry feet and needs assistance with foot care

Try: #make a safe space for the cr to soak feet locate a sturdy comfortable place to sit where the cr cr’s feet will easily reach into the basin remove electrical appliances from close proximity to where the foot bath will occur and make sure the cr isn’t holding anything with an electrical current in it while soaking feet or while near water # partially fill basin with warm water and add skin cleanser according to package directions # test the water water’s temperature with your fingers to avoid burns # place the towel on tge floor and place the basin on the towel # have the cr soak his or her feet in the water for 10-15 minutes # use the dish sponge to gently wash the cr cr’s feet and toes # use the cotton-tipped swabs to clean between the toes just run the swabs gently between each toe to remove any built-up grime do not scrub the skin with the swab as this may cause small tears that will be hard to heal # rinse the cr cr’s feet with fresh warm water and blot them dry carefully with the hand towel be sure to dry the skin between the toes carefully as well # just before bed apply lanolin-rich lotion to the cr cr’s heels # put dry clean socks on after applying the lotion to keep it from rubbing off the cr cr’s feet will be moisturized and softer by morning or after a few treatments #caution feet may be slippery after lotion is applied so consider having skid-proof socks or slippers on hand for a cr who needs to get out of bed before morning

Materials: Foot bath or plastic basin large towel and hand towel skin cleanser over-the-counter or by prescription from pharmacy cotton tip swabs dish sponge on a long handle lanolin-rich lotion

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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