Those difficulty rising or standing may find it convenient to exercise arms from a seated position

Try: #put on some music or turn the tv to a favorite channel #sit on a comfortable chair or sofa to do the exercises make sure you have room to move your arms #place the handheld weights in front on you #grasp one weight in each hand #begin a forward movement of the arm by bending the elbow bringing the weight up to your shoulder move both arms at the same time #after you bend your arms start to return them to the straight position #repeat these movements 10 times rest for 5 minutes and then repeat do a total of 30 arm bends #do this exercise every day for six to eight weeks and watch your muscle weakness diminish

Materials: Radio or tv 2 lb or 5 lb handheld weights comfortable chair with room to move arms

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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