The Care recipient (cr) has low vision and is having trouble seeing things in the bathroom

Try: Use bright tape to outline the toilet paper dispenser the rim of the tub and edges of the counter or vanity select a toilet seat that is a different color than the floor color choose a brightly colored tub mat replace clear glass light fixtures or ones with exposed bulbs with fixtures that shield the bulbs color-contrast grab bars and towels from the background wall use soap and shampoo dispensers that are different colors than the tub and sink add a waterproof light in the shower or the tub use illuminated wall plates put automatic night-lights in the pathway from the bedroom to the bath or install a dimmer switch and leave lights on low hang a magnifying glass near the medicine cabinet that can be used to read labels

Materials: Brightly colored tape different colored toilet seat brightly colored tub mat light fixtures that do not expose the light bulb different colored soap and shampoo dispensers different colored grab bars different colored towels waterproof light illuminated wall plates automatic night-lights dimmer switch magnifying glass piece of string for hanging magnifier

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References: Adapted from the internet website www environmentalgeriatrics com household tips for people with low vision by rosemary bakker cornell university

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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