Sometimes lifestyle choices can affect frequent feeling of tiredness

Try: #eat small meals at regular times throughout the day digesting large amounts of food promotes sleepiness after eating eat a balance of protein whole grains fruits and vegetables # eat small amounts only of foods made with sugar such as candy and ice cream and highly refined flour such as pasta and white bread this will prevent a sudden drop in blood sugar causing fatigue refined sugar products create dramatic highs and lows in sugar and energy levels complex carbohydrates such as pasta and other noodle casseroles cake and cookies can also cause fatique after being eaten eat pasta and rice in reasonable portion sizes of one third to one half of a cup #drink water and caffeine-free drinks look for caffeine-free tea and coffee limit alcohol intake fruit juice and sugared sodas as these and caffeinated drinks give a lift followed by a letdown after consumption #vitamins a b & e are required to help promote health and wellness and lessen fatigue look for foods rich in these #exercise helps oxygen move through the blood and regular even light exercise can be energizing do stretching exercises prior to walking or any other type of exercise to help prevent muscle injury #go to bed at the same time every night at least twenty minutes before planning to sleep turn off the television and read or do a crossword puzzle or game studies show watching television before trying to sleep has a stimulating effect on the brain and disturbs sleep #manage the stress in your life say no to things that are not your highest priorities say yes to taking care of yourself

Materials: Regular meals regular intake of liquids regular exercise regular sleep limited amount of sugar caffeine and alcohol limited stress

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