Smoking cigarettes harms care recipient recipient’s cr cr’s ability to maintain appetite and weight

Try: #smoking dulls the senses of smell and taste both of which encourage appetite #keep a smoking log for a few days recording the times and activities taking place when the cr smokes for example 7 00 a m get up have cigarette and coffee 7 30 a m cigarette after breakfast the log is something the cr or the caregiver can keep can keep depending on the cr cr’s level of awareness #make a meal plan that includes a schedule of when and what meals will be eaten write the plan down #next make a plan to reduce smoking the cigarettes that are normally smoked before during or after meals if possible cut out a smoke break altogether but at least space the break as far before or after meals as possible this will help break the connection between meals and smoking #add the smoke break plan to the written meal plan #stimulate the senses of taste and smell with spicy fragrant and attractive food use garnishes to make prepared meals even more attractive

Materials: Knowledge of cr’s smoking routines plan to reduce harm caused by smoking rituals meal plan list of cr’s favorite foods and seasonings recipes for low-salt or heart-healthy diet plan garnishes orange and lemon slices parsley fresh pepper strawberries etc storage containers with easy-open lids shopping list based on meal plan

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