Osteoporosis is a series issue for many care recipients cr there are several proven ways to prevent osteoporosis and fractures

Try: Exercise establish a regular exercise program exercise makes bones and muscles stronger and helps prevent bone loss it also helps the cr stay active and mobile weight-bearing exercises are best for preventing osteoporosis they should be done at least three to four times a week walking jogging playing tennis or racket sports and dancing are all good weight-bearing exercises in addition strength and balance exercises help build stronger muscles and may help you avoid falls stronger muscles reduce the cr’s chances of bone fractures increase calcium intake getting enough calcium throughout your life helps to keep bones strong excellent sources of calcium include milk and dairy products canned fish vegetables high calcium breads supplement the cr’s diet calcium supplements are a good option if the cr struggles with the needed amount take a 300-milligram calcium supplement to replace each serving of calcium-rich foods you miss each day calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are good forms of calcium supplements get plenty of vitamin d vitamin d is necessary for the body to absorb calcium while being out in the sun 20 minutes each day helps the cr get vitamin d one can also get vitamin d from eggs fatty fish like salmon cereals and supplements

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