It is difficult to put on clothes after surgical repair of hip fracture

Try: #obtain desired clothing from drawer and place in walker basket then place clothes on edge of bed #sit on edge of bed with reacher sock donner and walker at hand #using the reacher place underwear on the floor put feet through the openings and use the reacher to help pull underwear up adjusting for a proper fit #place pants on floor with the waist and leg openings facing the ceiling #put your feet through pants openings again use the reacher to pull pants up and adjust for proper fit #place socks on the sock donner put foot into sock and pull sock up using the reacher if necessary #use the reacher to grab shoes use the reacher as a shoe horn if you have trouble getting a shoe on you can also use the reacher to tighten the velcro straps across the top of the shoes #put your shirt on last it may be easier to use the sock donner and reacher to put on pants socks and shoes before your shirt is on as some shirts may tighten around the arms or neck as you move to dress

Materials: Walker with basket attachment reacher sock donner shoes with velcro straps articles of clothing to be worn e g socks underwear pants shirts

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