If Care recipient (cr) primarily stays in bed and requires assistance to move the likelihood of having or getting pressure ulcers is high even on the feet

Try: #inspect the heels and feet on a daily basis #red spots indicate the start of pressure sores also called pressure ulcers or bed sores when you see a red spot immediately relieve the pressure on the red area of skin #to prevent pressure on the heels from starting a red spot prop a pillow under the calf muscle of each leg to see if you have eliminated pressure that could cause sores on the heels see if you can slide a sheet of paper between the heels and the bed you should be able to if you can’t adjust the pillows and try again do this to relieve pressure on the heel as well if you find a red area #turn and reposition the cr minimally every two hours roll the cr to his or her side and wedge a pillow in on the side so the cr is kept in place reposition the cr at least a quarter of a turn every two hours #redness on the heels usually goes away after a week if noticed and cared for right away consult a doctor if a spot doesn’t heal or appears to get worse

Materials: 2 extra pillows caregiver

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