Falls are a major cause of accidents for older adults the following are found to be the most common causes of falls around the home…

Try: Falls are a major cause of accidents for older adults the following are found to be the most common causes of falls around the home tripping over items left in the way missing the last step on the stairs tripping on doorsills slipping in the bathroom tripping on uneven sidewalks not using the handrail on stairs simple changes in the home can prevent many falls and injuries to make the home as safe as possible use the following checklist to do a safety inspection and develop a plan to correct any safety hazards to avoid falls floors secure your rugs throw rugs should have a non-skid back or be taped down with double-sided carpet tape phone and electrical cords should be out of walking paths avoid carpet with thick or uneven pile repair frayed edges of carpets keep walking paths through rooms clear of clutter move furniture if necessary to provide an obstacle free path clean up spills right away to avoid a slippery surface stairs light switches should be at both the top and bottom of stairways install handrails ideally on both sides of the stairs top and bottom steps must be easy to see you can make them more noticeable with a contrasting color of carpet a strip of carpet tape or paint don’t store items on the stairs develop a plan to get items up and down the steps such as using a basket which will allow the use of the handrails bathroom install grab rails in the tub shower and around the toilet the tub and shower should have a non-skid surface decals or no-slip mats consider installing a shower chair and hand-held shower general all room entrances should have accessible light switches avoid glare and shadow especially on uneven surfaces store items where you can easily reach them without having to bend over or reach up avoid using step stools avoid furniture that is low has wheels or tips easily place nightlights along routes between bedrooms and bathrooms position the telephone so that you don’t have to hurry to answer a ringing phone get an answering machine so no call will be missed information references adapted from health article on the oasis internet website www oasisnet org

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