Earwax is a fairly common problem among the elderly however simply because the Care recipient (cr) has earwax does not mean it should immediately be removed some amount of earwax is important because it stops dust and foreign particles from getting into the eardrum however earwax becomes a problem when it builds up or hardens in the ear canal

Try: If the cr has excessive earwax it can often be prevented by a regular ear check-up with a nurse or physician the healthcare professional can generally remove the earwax without damaging the ear canal another removal option is to use a kind of dissolving or softening agent there are usually commercial ear drops that can be purchased over the counter softening the wax allows the ear to remove hardened wax itself and dissolving it will allow it to drain away do not use eardrops if the cr has a cut or irritation in his eardrum also be aware that drops may irritate the skin and cause soreness in for some cr’s note a cr with a history of earwax problems or ear canal infections should see a physician regarding the medical condition

Materials: Commercial dissolving drops

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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