Earwax is a fairly common problem among the elderly earwax can affect the performance of hearing aids or even damage the devices

Try: Before you clean the hearing aid remember that they are high tech devices that could be damaged by certain actions if the care recipient’s cr only has ear wax build-up on the outside of the hearing aid the wax may be cleaned by wiping it with a cloth however wax on the receiver portion of the hearing aid will probably require a wax cleaning tool this may have come with the hearing aid or it can be purchased be sure to follow the instructions for the cleaning tool the cleaning tool could damage the hearing aid if used improperly if the cr continues to have earwax issues with his hearing aid consider switching hearing aid types if the cr has any difficulties removing the earwax have him visit his hearing physician for safe cleaning adapted from healthyhearing com

Materials: Cloth commercial cleaning tool

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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