Concentration problems can be an issue for many care recipients cr because there are so many things competing for our attention the good news is that the ability to focus is not something you have to be born with but something that can be nurtured and developed below are tips that can help the cr deal with concentration problems and improve the ability to focus

Try: Concentrate on one thing at a time focus on one thing give it your complete undivided attention get it done and then move on to the next one trying to do more than one thing at the same time will make you feel distracted and affect your efficiency and productivity if you have a number of tasks to do make a to-do list assign a time limit to each task start with the first task finish it off and move on to the next one prepare to concentrate and minimize concentration problems before you get started with a task make a list of all the tools or things you require to get it done make sure you have everything with you and start your work follow the ‘five more’ rule whenever you feel distracted frustrated or bored tell yourself that you will continue to do whatever you are doing for just five more times if you are reading a book read five more passages if you are writing write five more lines if you are exercising do five more repetitions learn to use affirmations to eliminate concentration problems affirmations are positive statements that can help you condition your subconscious mind for example if you want to improve your ability to focus on things you can tell yourself ‘i will concentrate’ or ‘i can focus’ repeatedly you should repeat it over and over again until the point they stop being mere words and become strong beliefs create a work-only spot to improve concentration the human brain loves routine choose a quiet place to work and use it only for productive activities it is one of the most effective ways to avoid concentration problems minimize distractions & eliminate concentration problems turn off the tv and the radio close the windows and pull the curtains and put your cell phone on silent or vibrate mode

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