Caregivers sometimes need to know how to safely transfer care recipients crs from one position to another from bed to chair wheelchair to sofa etc without use of lifts or transfer boards

Try: #explain what you are doing and what you want the cr to do as you assist in the transfer listen to anything the cr says during the process and to the cr’s tone #if the transfer is to or from a wheelchair always make sure the wheelchair is locked before doing anything #when using a gait belt put it around the cr’s waist and tighten it so that just a few fingers fit between it and the cr gait belts are sturdy webbed belts that are tied over a cr’s waist and grasped by a helper to keep the cr stable during transfers and walks they are sold at medical supply stores #if the cr has had a stroke or an illness that has immobilized or weakened one side of his or her body tuck the arm of that side in a sling across the cr’s chest or the hand of that side between the buttons of the shirt or blouse during the transfer #throughout the transfer process lift with your knees rather than your back #ask the cr to put his or her arms around your neck and to hold on #ask the cr to use as much strength as he or she has to stand up #when the cr stands up block his or her knees with your knees or legs so the cr’s knees do not buckle you and the cr may want to wear kneepads for this they are sold at sporting goods stores #keeping your hands in the gait belt to lift and steady the cr pivot toward the chair sofa or bed you are moving the cr toward let the cr know what you are doing and prompt him or her to pivot with you #if the cr has weakness on one side make sure the chair sofa or bed is to the cr’s other side that is if the cr has left-sided weakness pivot toward the right and help the cr sit down slowly and smoothly on the chair sofa or bed #do not let go of the cr or let the cr stop holding you until you are sure the cr is sitting well back on the surface with his or her feet on the ground you may have to say keep your arms around my neck repeatedly until you know the cr is secure in the new position

Materials: Caregiver who is physically able to safely manage the weight of the cr surfaces of equal heights gait belt knee pads if desired

Categories: Medical Physical, Personal, Mobility, Needs Much Assistance, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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