Caregivers can help care recipient’s cr prevent loss of appetite and malnutrition even small changes can make a difference in a cr’s health and well-being the following are tips for malnutrition prevention

Try: Engage the cr’s doctors if a cr is losing weight work with his or her doctors to identify any contributing factors this might include changing medications that affect appetite suspending any diet restrictions until the cr is eating more effectively and working with a dentist to treat mouth issues request screenings for nutrition problems encourage the cr to eat foods packed with nutrients spread peanut or other nut butters on toast and crackers fresh fruits and raw vegetables sprinkle finely chopped nuts or wheat germ on yogurt fruit and cereal add extra egg whites to scrambled eggs and omelets restore life to bland or boring foods make a restricted diet more appealing by using lemon juice herbs and spices if loss of taste and smell is a problem experiment with seasonings and recipes plan between-meal snacks a piece of fruit or cheese a spoonful of peanut butter or a fruit smoothie can provide nutrients and calories if possible encourage regular physical activity daily exercise even if it it’s light can stimulate appetite and strengthen bones and muscles provide food-savings tips if the cr shops for groceries encourage him to take a shopping list to the grocery store check store fliers for sales and choose less expensive generic brands suggest splitting the cost of bulk goods or meals with a friend or neighbor or frequenting restaurants that offer discounts for older adults

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