Caregivers can have care recipients cr do many simple exercises to strengthen fine motor skills persistence and practice as well as specific exercises for the hands and fingers can help strengthen fine motor skills

Try: Strengthen the fingers being able to use fingers is essential for any number of fine motor skills crs who have lost partial use of a hand due can perform exercises at home with a rubber band and a rubber ball to strengthen their hand and fingers and in turn develop more accurate fine motor skills use the other hand to pull up on the elastic so that the finger is lifted multiple repetitions of this exercise with each finger taking a turn stretches out the digits and can help regain flexibility which is an important part of fine motor movement also the cr gripping a rubber ball and squeezing it can help strengthen the fingers as well as the hand muscles play games games can act as exercises to improve fine motor skills especially those that involve small pieces that must be manipulated as part of play repeated motions of this kind can develop the cr’s muscles that lead to the easier accomplishing of everyday tasks such as buttoning tying and feeding oneself strengthen grip using silverware writing implements and kitchen tools are all types of exercises that can strengthen grip and improve fine motor skills the cr should try cutting out papers with scissors cutting out cookies with a cookie cutter and handwriting practice fall under the umbrella of strengthening exercises

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