Caregiver wants to know what to do if the Care recipient (cr) feels faint or has fanited

Try: If the cr begins to feel faint help him or her lie down or bend forward while sitting and put head between the knees if the cr is unable to sit or lie down help him or her position the head lower than the heart in whatever way possible kneeling etc if you are in a crowded place when the cr feels faint don’t try to walk the cr out of the area instead help the cr bend his or her head down between the knees if possible when the cr begins to feel a little better keep him or her lying down for a few hours with head lowered and or legs and elevated apply a cold compress to the cr cr’s face recovery should happen within five minutes call 911 if the cr remains unconscious for longer than five minutes or if the fainting spells persist

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References: Adapted from information found in the new family medical guide edited by edwin kiester jr

Keywords: Faiting first aid passing out emergency

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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