caregiver (cg) nees to know how to transfer Care recipient (cr) using a gait belt

Try: To move cr from a chair or bed into a wheelchair prepare the wheelchair and the cr for the transfer fasten the gait belt securely around the cr cr’s waist ask the cr to hold on to cg if he can bend forward at the waist and bend knees grab the belt or its handles around the back of the cr rock gently back and forth about three times with the cr on the third time help the cr up to a standing position turn with small steps until the cr cr’s back is in front of the wheelchair ask the cr to help by reaching for the wheelchair behind him this may make it easier for the cr to sit down in the wheelchair bend forward while bending knees and lower the cr so that he is sitting in the wheelchair check that the wheelchair is safe and the cr is comfortable

Materials: Gait or transfer belt wheelchair

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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