caregiver (cg) needs to know how to transfer Care recipient (cr) using a sitting transfer technique out of his wheelchair

Try: Place the wheelchair at an angle on the cr cr’s strong side lock the brakes of the wheelchair raise or remove the footrests and remove the armrest closer to cr put the transfer belt around cr cr’s waist ask cr to put his arms on cg’s hips or at his side put one knees between the cr cr’s knees grip the belt or its handles bend knees and rock using forward and backward motions ask the cr to help by pushing up with his strong arm or leg take small steps and turn both body and the cr cr’s body together have the cr take small steps with the cg step together until the cr cr’s back is in front of the wheelchair if possible ask the cr to reach back for the armrest on the wheelchair behind him this may bring the wheelchair closer and may make it easier for the cr to sit down bend forward to lower cr onto the wheelchair put the wheelchair wheelchair’s footrests and armrest back to their place

Materials: Gait belt wheelchair

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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