Care recipient (cr) with balance problems or occasional dizziness may need to put some care and thought into standing up from a sofa or chair to avoid a fall

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Materials: #make sure the chair or couch is high enough and firm enough to provide a good surface for rising there may be some seating in the home that requires raising or firming for safer use #to prepare to stand safely the cr scoots forward so his or her buttocks are at the edge of the chair or sofa the cr may have to first lean back to push the buttocks forward make sure his or her feet are set at shoulder width or wider and his or her knees are bent so a straight line could be drawn from the feet to the buttocks make sure the cr uses the arms of the chair or the seat of the chair or couch to push upward as the cr rises he or she should lean forward from the hip so the nose is over the toes #upon rising the cr stands still for a moment this allows a few seconds for balance to be restored and for any dizziness to either pass or be addressed

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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