Care recipient (cr) who uses wheelchair has frequent incontinence and difficulty standing for more than several minutes caregiver and cr need efficient method of changing soiled underwear whether at home or out in the community

Try: #place the wheelchair in front of the counter or grab bar and lock the wheels #assist the cr to rise to a standing position and to place hands on grab bars or a sturdy counter #pull the outer garments out of the way up or down #place clean disposable underwear underneath the soiled underwear to catch any leaks when you remove the soiled underwear open the plastic bag #unfasten both sides of the soiled underwear and pull it off the cr through the back drop it immediately into the plastic bag use the flushable wipes to clean the cr cr’s skin wiping from front to back many caregivers find it convenient for the cr to bend over the counter or grab bar and to wipe from the back #pull up and fasten the new pair of disposable underwear #assist the cr back to the wheelchair #tie shut and dispose of the bag with the soiled underwear #make sure the hands of both cr and caregiver are thoroughly washed

Materials: Side-fastening fitted disposable adult underwear diapers bathroom counter or grab bar flushable personal care wipes plastic bag

Categories: Medical Physical, Personal, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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