Care recipient (cr) who is moving into a senior housing community is concerned about gaining weight the cr would like guidance on how to maintain a balanced diet with the new menu items available

Try: Place the dry erase board somewhere in the cr cr’s room near the door where it will be visible tape the different food groups to the dry erase board make a weekly chart using the dry erase markers the chart should have the days of the week the date and ample space to write menu selections for breakfast lunch and dinner go through the weekly menu from the community dining room with the cr write down the choices for the upcoming week week’s meals on the dry erase board chart insure that something from each major food group is selected for each meal also make it a priority to select menu items that are lower in fat and calories the cr should now be able to make healthy choices from the menu in the community dining room since the decisions already been made ahead of time if using a dry erase board is too cumbersome consider using a clip board pen and paper to accomplish the same objectives

Materials: Dry erase board dry erase markers cut out clip art of various food groups

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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