Care recipient (cr) who is bedfast for significant period of time develops sores on elbows or arms from using elbows to scoot up in bed burn-type abrasions or pressure sores form from the friction caused by the rubbing of the skin against the bed linens

Try: #use scissors to cut across the top of the toe portion of the sock turning the sock into a tube #assist if necessary to slide the cr cr’s arms into each sock toe end first adjust the sock so the heel portions cover the cr cr’s elbows make sure the socks are not tight enough to leave marks on the cr cr’s skin or to constrict the blood flow through the arm #this tip may be useful for a cr who has the mobility to move his or her arms and shoulders fairly freely and to sensations of discomfort in the hands arms or shoulders do not use this tip for someone unable to feel sensation or respond to discomfort in these areas

Materials: Two soft cotton athletic socks scissors

Categories: Medical Physical, Mobility, Needs Much Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision, Touch, Good Touch

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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