Care recipient (cr) uses a tracheotomy tube that needs to be cleaned regularly

Try: Cover flat cleared and clean area with paper towels assemble all supplies and equipment discuss cleaning and care procedure before and during process with the cr wash hands and wear disposable gloves place 3-4 cotton tipped applicators in paper cups filled and labeled 1 for sterile water and 1 for hydrogen peroxide fill the 3rd paper cup with hydrogen peroxide suction trach first to clear airway if the trach tube is designed with an inner tube called a cannula remove the inner tube by dialing to unlock it place the inner tube in the paper cup filled with hydrogen peroxide soaking will break up dried secretions and make cleaning with the cotton tipped applicators easier clean around the trach to remove any dried secretions with 1-2 of the cotton tipped applicators from the hydrogen peroxide cup wash with 1-2 cotton tipped applicators from the sterile water cup discard all applicators in disposal bag after use replace soiled neck band by holding onto both the sides of the trach tube press gently on one side and then the other lift and remove the soiled trach neck band replace and secure it with one end of the clean neck band at a time until both sides of the soiled neck band have been removed and a new neck band is now in place adjust the back of the adjustable band for comfort place the special dressing called a trach dressing it is a rectangular shaped gauze with a cut out area that fits around the trach under the neck band and around the trach tube to prevent skin irritation finish cleaning the inner cannula that was soaking in hydrogen peroxide rinse with sterile water dry reinsert into trach and lock into place make sure cr is comfortable with end result take out and clean the inner tube cannula every 4-6 hours consider more frequent cleaning if secretions are building up on the inside

Materials: Hydrogen peroxide sterile water cotton tipped swabs small soft trach brush paper cups – 2 cups labeled hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup labeled sterile water roll of paper towels special guaze trach dressings disposal bag disposable gloves suction equipment tested and functional suction catheter flat cleared and cleaned area

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References: oxygen use and care of equipment by head to toe care llc 2009 available at

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