Care recipient (cr) still drives and sometimes gets lost or disoriented while trying to find his or her car in the parking lot materials pen paper and a supply of 3 x 5 cards adhesive tape cell phone

Try: Try taping a piece of paper with cr cr’s name address and telephone number to the dashboard for easy access in case cr does become lost or confused suggest that cr carry a cell phone so that he or she can get help quickly if needed place some kind of identifying mark on the cr cr’s car for example tie a ribbon to the car or place a colored styrofoam ball on antennae if the car has one this would make the car stand out in the parking lot with all of the other cars and make it easier for the cr to find encourage the cr to park in a unique location in the parking lot it is not necessary to park as close to the door as possible it would be easier for the cr to remember where the car is parked if it were at the edge of the parking lot next to a tree or some other landmark that can be easily remembered encourage the cr to write the location of the car in the parking lot down on a 3 x 5 card and take it along the cr can refer to the card when leaving the store and jog his or her memory as to where the car is parked

Materials: Eyeglass chain eye glass stand tape pen and paper

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References: Adapted from www brain northwestern edu basic suggestions to improve care by northwestern university feinberg school of medicine 2002

Keywords: Disoriented disorientation parking lot driving memory loss forgetful forgets trouble remembering

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