Care recipient (cr) opens the door to anyone who knocks

Try: Think before opening the door tell the cr to ask him are you expecting anyone do they have an appropriately-marked automobile are you alone and vulnerable look to see who the visitor is install a peephole in cr’s door look through a peephole before opening the door install a security chain on cr’s door make sure the security chain is locked and open the door just a crack if cr doesn’t recognize the person he should ask them their business and request that they show their identification if the visitor has a legitimate reason to be at the cr’s home i e they work for the utility company or they’re a police officer they’ll be happy to show their id if cr is still afraid to let them in ask them to come back later and have a friend come over when they are scheduled to come back

Materials: Security chain for door small drill

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References: how to answer the door safely by dave crosby and jack herrick 2011 available at

Keywords: Safety lives alone afraid strangers

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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