Care recipient (cr) only has use of one arm to brush his her teeth and needs help learning to do this task independently

Try: Putting toothpaste on toothbrush put toothbrush on a hard surface with the bristles pointing up then put toothpaste on it alternatively hold the toothbrush handle in the mouth then put toothpaste on it with the unaffected hand try using flip top lids or pump action toothpaste dispensers which may be easier than screw tops opening tube of toothpaste hand cream etc wedge tube between knees or teeth or against solid fixed objects and unscrew top with good hand

Materials: Flip top or pump toothpaste

Categories: Sage, Topic, Medical Physical, Personal, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance

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References: occupational therapy and stroke second edition by judy edmans 2010 available at www onlinelibrary wiley com

Keywords: Brushing teeth one sided paralysis toothpaste

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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