Care recipient (cr) often misplaces his her personal belongings like eyeglasses

Try: Try to keep frequently used personal belongings where cr spend the most time or in cr’s orientation area try putting a label and perhaps an outline of the object marked on a shelf in the area to increase the chance of it being returned and easily located the next time try asking cr to practice placing the item over its outline suggest that cr wear his her eyeglasses on a chain around his her neck or help cr remember to use an eyeglass stand

Materials: Eyeglass chain eye glass stand tape pen and paper

Categories: Sage, Topic, Medical Physical, Personal, Independence, Some Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Somewhat Aware, Unaware, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Poor L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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References: basic suggestions to improve care by northwestern university feinberg school of medicine 2002 available at www brain northwestern edu

Keywords: Misplaces misplaced loses lost eyeglasses memory loss forgetful forgets trouble remembering disorganized disoriented disorientation

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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