Care recipient (cr) needs to use a catheter for a short while and needs to know how to insert and remove her catheter

Try: Assemble all equipment catheter lubricant drainage receptacle wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and clean the vulva and opening of the urethra lubricate the catheter locate the urethral opening the opening is located below the clitoris and above the vagina spread the lips of the vagina labia with the second and fourth finger while using the middle finger to feel for the opening begin to gently insert the catheter into the opening guide it upward as if toward the belly button once the catheter has been inserted about 2 – 3 inches past the opening urine will begin to flow once the urine flow starts continue to advance the catheter another 1 inch and hold it in place until the urine flow stops and the bladder is empty withdraw the catheter in small steps to make sure the entire bladder empties wash the catheter with soap and water if the catheter is disposable discard it right away if it is reusable rinse the catheter completely and dry the outside store the catheter in a clean dry secure location record the amount of urine obtained as instructed by health care provider

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References: Urinary retention in adults diagnosis and initial management by selius ba subedi r am fam physician 2008;77 643-650

Keywords: Catheter urine bladder kidney urinary tract infection

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