Care recipient (cr) needs to learn how to take a shower at home after surgery

Try: If the bathtub has glass doors the cr may find it easier to get in or out if the doors are removed and replaced temporarily with a shower curtain on a tension rod look for a shower curtain with built in pockets to store soap and shampoo bottles that way the cr does not need to get up and down once he or she is in the tub install grab bars if there are n/a in place if the cr is in a rental property that cannot be permanently modified buy some suction type grab bars place a shower bench or chair inside the tub so that the cr can sit for the duration of the shower install a hand held shower head if one is not already in place encourage the cr to use sponges on long handles to reach the lower part of the body to avoid back strain encourage the cr to dry off as much as possible while sitting in the shower chair encourage the cr to dry off as much as possible when standing to get out of the tub

Materials: Bath bench or chair shower tension rod shower curtains with pockets on the inside handheld shower head grab bars long handled sponges

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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