Care recipient (cr) needs to know what tools and supplies would be helpful to have on hand in case of an emergency

Try: Tools and supplies helpful in case of an emergency include mess kits or paper cups plates and plastic utensils emergency preparedness manual and a copy of cr’s disaster plan including emergency contacts list battery-operated radio and extra batteries flashlight and extra batteries cash or traveler traveler’s checks change non-electric can opener utility knife fire extinguisher small abc type stored near where fires are likely to occur such as a kitchen or near a fireplace it should not be kept in the disaster supplies kit tube tent duct tape compass matches in a waterproof container aluminum foil plastic storage containers signal flare paper pencil needles thread medicine dropper shut-off wrench or pliers to turn off household gas and water whistle plastic sheeting map of the area for locating shelters and evacuation routes

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References: Adapted from 30 tips for emergency preparedness by u s department of homeland security 2010 available at

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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