Care recipient (cr) needs to know how to properly clean his dentures

Try: Clean dentures every day with a denture brush soak dentures in a cleanser solution to help keep them looking white and bright and to prevent plaque buildup and denture odor rinse and brush dentures in clean warm water with a denture brush when cleaning dentures don’t brush too hard because this may damage any plastic or metal parts of the dentures try moistening the denture brush to avoid damages or scratches to the denture surface brush gums tongue and natural teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before reinserting dentures this will help remove plaque from teeth stimulate circulation in the mouth and help maintain good oral health never try to adjust dentures this may cause harm to the mouth or damage dentures

Materials: Denture brush denture cleaning solution tooth brush fluoride toothpaste

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References: denture care tips 2010 available at

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