Care recipient (cr) needs to be moved into his wheelchair

Try: Place wheelchair at an angle on the cr cr’s strong side lock the brakes of the wheelchair raise or remove the footrests and remove the armrest closer to cr put the transfer belt around cr cr’s waist ask cr to put his arms on caregiver’s cg hips or at his side put one knees between cr’s knees keep shoulders and chest up instead of leaning forward ask cr to lean forward and put some of his weight on cg lean back slightly grip the belt or its handles bend knees and rock forward and backward lift cr slightly up and move him each time rock 2 to 4 more times until the cr has been moved scooted in the wheelchair

Materials: Gait belt wheelchair

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References: wheel chair transfers available at

Keywords: Wheelchair transfer transferring gait belt

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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