Care recipient (cr) needs help shampooing his her hair and shaving

Try: Take cr to a hair dresser or barber you may be able to find a professional hair care specialist who has experience with clients who have special needs people who provide this service will often come to the home try wetting hair with alcohol or cream rinse to help remove the snarls try using a dry shampoo if cr is bed bound if cr is diabetic or on medication to thin the blood try using an electric shaver to reduce the risk of cuts it is also much easier and safer to shave another person with an electric razor

Materials: Alcohol or cream hair rinse dry shampoo electric razor

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References: caregiver’s handbook by the caregiver education and support services seniors counseling and training case management services of the san diego county mental health services no date available at www acsu buffalo edu

Keywords: Shampooing washing hair hair care personal care grooming shaving razors

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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