Care recipient (cr) loses hearing later in life although hearing aids are prescribed they aren’t always worn and when they are some sounds are still indistinct

Try: #if the cr continues to have difficulty hearing check the hearing aid battery and the placement of the hearing aid in the ear #when speaking to the cr avoid competing with background noise face the cr and speak clearly but don’t exaggerate your lip movements as that will actually make it harder for the cr to read them #make sure the cr isn’t missing critical details in business or a conversation by using a whiteboard and dry-erase markers to write them down then erasing them and using the board to write the answers to questions the cr has about the issues #instead of writing do you understand what i just said write down what you want the cr to understand otherwise it is very easy for people to miscommunicate #encourage the cr to carry a small notepad and pen he or she can offer them to people who are having trouble making themselves heard or understood by the cr during the course of a day #look for a phone that comes with the option of raising the speaker sound some crs may hear better with an increase of volume in the receiver additionally phones designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing are available through state programs #use markers on index cards to make pictures of frequently-referred to items or to write down frequently-used phrases and questions such as your daughter’s on the phone or have you checked your blood sugar #remember that the cr can’t try harder to hear he or she can use the tools at hand to make the most of the hearing abilities that remain but like many people who acquire disabilities it may take a long time for the cr to accept the reality of a hearing impairment

Materials: Hearing aid battery whiteboard and dry-erase markers notepad and pen amplified phone index cards and markers

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