Care recipient (cr) is planning a vacation and uses oxygen therapy

Try: Plan in advance to make sure the trip goes well talk to the doctor about whether it is safe to travel and ask about any precautions cr should take get at least one copy of cr’s oxygen prescription and take it with cr on the trip before the trip tell the travel company airline cruise ship train or bus that cr uses oxygen it’s important to talk to the travel company well in advance because they may have requirements that can take some time to fulfill traveling with oxygen can be done if planned ahead learn how to use a portable oxygen tank and know how long it will last bring refills if needed

Materials: Copy of oxygen prescription portable oxygen tank oxygen refills

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References: respiratory care help 2008 by sherman oaks medical supplies available at www shermanoaksmedical com

Keywords: Oxygen therapy oxygen traveling with oxygen tank portable oxygen travel agency travelling vacation

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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