Care recipient (cr) is no longer able to chew and swallow easily

Try: Don’t hurry cr he she needs time to chew and swallow each mouthful before taking another bite don’t feed cr if he she is drowsy or lying down he she should be in an upright sitting position during the meal and for at least 20 minutes after the meal have cr keep his her neck forward and chin down when swallowing stroke gently cr cr’s neck in a downward motion and say swallow to remind him her to swallow find out if cr cr’s pills can be crushed or taken in liquid form

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Information: May have to be repeated more than once to different staff members tell er staff that cr has cognitive problems explain how best to talk with cr if cr must stay overnight in the hospital try to have a friend or family member stay with him her

References: caring for a person with alzheimer’s disease your easy-to-use guide from the national institute on aging by national institute on aging 2011 available at www nia nih gov

Keywords: Swallow swallowing chew chewing eating throat mouth trouble swallowing pills

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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