Care recipient (cr) is bedbound and needs to be turned and repositioned often als

Try: Discuss the process with the cr before and during the process remove all pillows if a hospital bed is in use return the bed to a flat position and lower the sidebar closest to the caregiver (cg) keep the cr’s arms and legs as close to his body as possible bring the pull sheet towards the cg stopping 4-6 inches from the edge of the bed the cg must remain on this side of the bed throughout this process release the pull sheet place one hand under the nearest knee and other hand under the nearest shoulder after bending the cr’s knee begin the turning process by gently directing the cr’s knee to the opposite side of the bed while guiding his shoulder in the same direction using the pull sheet to maintain the cr’s side lying position tuck pillows under the pull sheet to support the cr’s back and shoulders place pillows between the cr’s knees to support his upper arm and under the cr’s head for comfort

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References: oxygen use and care of equipment by head to toe care llc 2009 available at

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