Care recipient (cr) is bed bound or has mobility issues and needs to be monitored for skin care problems

Try: Keep skin clean and dry especially when cr is having problems with bowel and bladder control when washing use a mild soap rinse well and dry thoroughly keep bed linens clean dry and free of wrinkles disposable bed pads can be purchased at a drug store and can keep sheets dry so that you don’t have to change sheets so often massage cr’s skin gently using a light circular motion change cr’s position at least every two hours particularly if cr is confined to a bed or wheelchair encourage cr to shift his her weight between position changes to redistribute pressure onto other areas encourage good nutrition and adequate fluid intake as a supplement to cr cr’s diet give a multi-vitamin every day to ensure proper nutrition use mattress and chairs that are soft and form-fitting rather than rigid and hard example egg crate mattress and sheep skin this spreads the weight over a larger skin area decreasing the pressure under the bones encourage movement or mild exercise; this helps stimulate circulation which is good for the skin combing hair and helping with bathing and dressing are good ways for cr to get exercise and be more independent watch for possible sources of pressure on anything that would interfere with good circulation such as tight shoes elastic cuffed socks or tight undergarments bony prominences are prone to skin breakdown they are heels feet behind the knees hips buttocks sacrum elbows and shoulder blades you may want to order a special air mattress to prevent skin breakdown watch for any redness or a break in the skin and keep cr off the affected side

Materials: Mild bath soap clean dry towel disposable bed pads clean bed linens multi vitamin mattress and chairs that are soft and form-fitting special air mattress

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References: caregiver’s handbook by the caregiver education and support services seniors counseling and training case management services of the san diego county mental health services no date available at www acsu buffalo edu

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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