Care recipient (cr) has weak muscles in the buttocks and front of the thigh this makes it difficult for the cr to stand up from a sitting position maintain a standing position and buckling in the knees which makes walking difficult

Try: Encourage the cr to do the following provide coaching and encouragement as needed practice core strengthening exercises several times a day do a sit to stand activity using a chair with a back support and arm rest practice weight- bearing and weight- shifting on both feet for longer duration using a walker or cane while watching tv or during free time strengthen both lower limbs with repetitive resistance activities using ankle weights by kicking a ball forward while seated on a chair with back support and arm rest practice walking around the house and negotiating obstacles using an assistive device or gait belt with stand-by support from you or another individual perform mini-squat activities as tolerated holding onto stable furniture or caregiver assist the cr in walking up and down the stairs with both hands on the railings and using alternating feet

Materials: Ankle weights that are 3-5 pounds or more as tolerated by the cr gait belt assistive device such as a walker or cane stairs with hand rails proper footwear stable furniture chair with back support and arm rest

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Keywords: Lower body weakness strengthening exercises instability poor mobility shuffling feet

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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