Care recipient (cr) has weak elbow muscles and has a hard time getting up from a lying position due to recovery from moderate paralysis

Try: Suggest that cr try doing the following exercise every day sitting on a firm mattress or sofa put the affected forearm flat on the surface with palm facing down if possible cr may want to place a firm pillow under his her elbow slowly lean weight onto the bent elbow if needed help cr maintain his her balance push hand down against the support surface straightening the elbow and sitting more upright you may need to help cr to prevent sudden elbow collapse slowly allow elbow to bend returning forearm to the support surface work back and forth between the two extremes completely bent or completely straight in a slow rhythmical manner note this exercise should not be performed if cr’s shoulder is not yet stable and or will not support cr’s upper body weight consult cr’s doctor and or physical therapist before suggesting cr try this exercise

Materials: Firm pillow

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References: hope the stroke recovery guide chapter 4 – movement and exerciseby the national stroke associatin 2010 available at www stroke org

Keywords: Elbow gross motor coordination arm muscles exercise moderate paralysis sitting up

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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