Care recipient (cr) has trouble breathing

Try: Locate the sturdy table get the pillows facial tissues and disposal bag turn on the electric fan assist the cr with the following breathing exercise sit upright straighten back and lean slightly forward inhale slowly and as deeply as possible through the nose hold for two to three seconds hold the pillows to the abdomen to support the abdominal muscles and then cough deeply repeat this coughing exercise three to four times if necessary clear any phlegm produced into tissues and discard into a disposable bag place pillows on table and position arms around the pillows as if embracing them rest head on pillows to allow fullest expansion of lungs exhale repeat this exercise four times a day

Materials: Sturdy table tall enough to raise the cr cr’s diaphragm when both elbows are placed on it for example a kitchen or dining room table several firm pillows clean not dusty electric fans facial tissues disposable bag

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References: Adapted from the head to toe care llc internet website www headtotoecare com breathing exercise for emphysema and chronic bronchitis 2009

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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