Care recipient (cr) has the hiccups

Try: Here are some favorite home cures that may have some scientific relevance because the cr cr’s diaphragm is stimulated the diaphragm is the primary muscle involved with hiccups ask the cr to breathe in and hold his or her breath monitor the length of time for safety purposes while the cr is holding breath hold his or her temples with your fingers continue until the cr releases his or her breath ask the cr to drink two glasses of water this also helps with hydrating ask the cr to burp and repeat if necessary ask the cr to stand upright with the feet hip-width apart ask the cr to lock one thumb in the palm of the opposite hand ask the cr to reach for the sky this is also a good stretching exercise as the cr does this ask him or her to suck in the tummy as if trying to let the pants fall off and breathe in deeply several times hold one teaspoon of sugar in the cr cr’s mouth for five seconds then ask the cr to take a sip of water repeat until the hiccups are gone ask the cr to take four sips of water with one sip every five seconds the hiccups should disappear ask the cr to hold one teaspoon of peanut butter in the mouth for five seconds and then swallow it without chewing it make sure the cr is in good condition and can do this without choking also make sure that the cr is not allergic to peanuts press a finger between the cr cr’s nose and upper lip hold it for 30 seconds this presses on a nerve ending that transports a message to the diaphragm and stop the hiccups ask the cr to say the name aneta uh-net-uh each time he or she hiccups this may reset the way the cr breathes and stop the hiccups fill up a glass of water and get a butter knife put the knife blade side up into the glass ask the cr to drink the water with the blade pressing on his or her forehead ask the cr to do this until all of the water is gone before you begin make sure the cr is very alert and capable of doing this safely

Materials: Water sugar peanut butter knife glass

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