Care recipient (cr) has stiffness in his her pelvis hip and knee and is having trouble rolling over and moving in bed due to mild paralysis

Try: Suggest that cr try doing the following exercise every day lie on back on a firm bed keep interlaced fingers resting on stomach bend knees and put feet flat on the bed holding knees tightly together slowly move them as far to the right as possible return to center slowly move knees as far as possible to the left still keeping them together return to center you may provide assistance or verbal cues to help cr keep his her knees together during this exercise

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References: hope the stroke recovery guide chapter 4 – movement and exerciseby the national stroke associatin 2010 available at www stroke org

Keywords: Pelvis hip knee stiffness stiff knee stff hip stiff pelvis gross motor coordination

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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