Care recipient (cr) has problems with his her skin because he she is confined to a chair due to mobility limitations

Try: Try to relieve body pressure and improve circulation for example try to change cr’s position at least every two hours to help keep him her mobile try learning how to lift cr correctly try looking on the internet for some instructions on how to properly lift a person without causing injury make sure not to ever lift by pulling on cr cr’s arms or shoulders try to keep cr’s skin clean and dry since skin can tear or bruise easily try to use gentle motions and avoid friction when cleaning wash cr’s skin with mild soap and blot dry try to check cr’s skin daily for rashes sores or breakdowns try to reduce the risk of bedsores for example you might want to use pillows or pads to protect cr’s bony areas such as elbows heels and hips try to maintain cr’s range of motion in his her joints freezing of the joints limb contractures can occur when cr is confined to a chair or bed try doing a search on the internet for some range of motion exercises and how they should be performed

Materials: Mild soap bath towel or soft wash cloth pillows and or soft foam pads

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References: Adapted from www alz org late-stage caregiving by staff writer no date

Keywords: Pressure sores skin chair bound bed bound mobility

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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