Care recipient (cr) has low energy and feels weak due to a lack of oxygen

Try: Encourage cr to exercise exercising can help tone cr cr’s muscles and get them to work more efficiently helping to counteract the loss of muscle mass and strength due to inadequate oxygen so encourage cr to try to gradually build up how many steps he she can take till he she is a bit stronger consider looking into a local lung rehab program some communities have lung rehabilitation programs that could be very helpful gradually strengthening cr and teaching him her ways to cough and manage bronchial drainage more effectively try suggesting that cr rest for an hour after each meal to give the body time to digest the food eaten before using energy on something else suggest that cr try keeping the things he she needs right by his her chair so that it isn’t necessary to move very much to get them suggest that cr try immediately setting the table with dishes and silverware he she removes from the dishwasher — saving the energy of putting them away in the cabinets and then removing them to set the table suggest that cr put pots and pans back on the stove after washing them to save the energy of having to bend to put them away and then to get them out again if cr lives alone find someone else to prepare meals shop and do chores for him her

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